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Your parking lot is the first thing a customer or tenant sees when they pull onto your property. It should be clean, safe, and welcoming.

Parking Lot Seal Coating & Striping

Seal Coating and Striping gives pavement a fresh, clean look. We use top quality sealer, properly mixed and fortified with the correct amount of sand and additive to increase durability.

Parking Lot Painting

If your parking lot is looking dark and faded, brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint on your parking spaces and fire lanes.

Parking Lot Repairs

Pot holes are an eyesore, can damage vehicles, and can be unsafe when people are walking in your lot. We can give you a fair and honest evaluation and fix it properly so it doesn't return.

Concrete Repairs

Damaged or sunken sidewalks can be hazardous to walk on. Get them repaired as soon as possible. We also do dumpster pads and curb & gutter.

Crack Filling

Cracks let water seep under your pavement and that will lead to potholes. Let us clean the cracks and fill them with a rubberized crack filler.

Seal Coated Pavement vs. Unsealed

Studies have shown that a fresh coat of seal coating on your parking lot every 2 to 4 years will vastly extend the useful life of the pavement.